Luxury Seafront Resort

Project Gotland Seaside Resort is a mesmerising, contemporary design evolution to modern Scandinavian luxury resort, located in Gotland, one of Sweden's most noted prime destinations. 


Consisting of a blend of luxury apartments and private villas   – each with its own terrace  – these homes have been carefully designed and positioned to create a large, private living spaces with captivating, panoramic ocean view. 

A truly unique investment opportunity in Sweden.




Beach access



5,000 sqm

15 +

100 meters

400 meters long

200 m long, 10 m wide

Welcome Home

Luxury Seafront Resort

Hall Västös, Gotland

Pier and Beach

The Beach and Pier are the jewel in the crown of the Seaside grounds.


A unique location on Gotland with its clear water, the close beach access, in the best location for sun exposure.

The pier is 200 meters long enabling great swimming possibilities in addition to the beach.

The Market

The real estate market in Sweden has over the past several decades shown a stable and positive revenue. Read more.

In addition let us add the Swedish tourist sector and a annual turnover of 500 billion in year 2020 expected.


Sweden’s National Strategy for Sustainable Reginal Growth and Attractiveness. Read more

Area information

Gotland Seaside Resort is quietly located in a bay on northern Gotland, including direct beach access and a unique pier. The plot offers pure nature and restfulness.


Just a 35 minutes journey to Visby airport, 15 minutes to the famous racing area "Gotland Ring", 25 minutes to the Blue Lagoon and 30 minutes to Fårösund.

With a location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland is close to all Scandinavian countries plus Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. 50 million people within reach of Gotland in under 1 hour by plane.

Project Info


Luxury Villa (1 unit)

180 sqm BTA. Terrace and pool.



Premium Villas (5 units)

120 sqm BTA. Roof terrace. Building permit approved.


Modern Villas (7 units)

60 sqm BTA. Roof terrace. Building permit approved.



Flexible sizes from 30 to 120 sqm BTA.


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